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As an owner, you are unique and so is your property. As a buyer, you are unique, and your property search requires tailor-made expertise. Based on this approach, la Maison ANGELONI Real Estate has developed a concept of a minimalist, discreet and confidential transaction process in the luxury Real Estate market. ANGELONI Real Estate stands for discretion, professionalism, and authenticity and is your competent quality partner for all first-class premium and luxury property transactions. ANGELONI Real Estate: The opportunity to sell your property in partnership with an exclusive Real Estate agency, guaranteeing a tailor-made service.

The Gulf of Saint-Tropez, immersed in the deep blue of the Mediterranean, stretches to the infinite horizon of the blue firmament, enveloped in the fragrance of La Dolce Vita on its paradisiacal beaches, cherished by the sea breezes on its skin, gently caressed by the tender music of the sound of the sea. Bathed in the softness of idleness, inspired by your dreams and desires for a carefree life in unspoilt nature and authentic places, enjoying the lightness of being, with your loved ones or on your own. An investment project, a holiday property, a new life on the Mediterranean... Welcome, you've come to the right place. Enter the world of prestige and luxury Real Estate in complete discretion and confidentiality. ANGELONI Real Estate LESS IS MORE...Nothing but Quality® SAINT-TROPEZ A dream, a legend, a treasure, an experience, a magical place, the eternal myth... Unique and full of mystery, Saint-Tropez can't be summed up in a few words - just LIVE IT... The legends of the wild, carefree years of film stars, musicians, writers and artists, who have always been drawn to the breathtaking magnetism of Saint-Tropez, the romantic anecdotes, like the story of Gunter Sachs, who expressed his love for Brigitte Bardot by dropping 10,000 roses from a helicopter over BB's legendary property, “La Madrague”. The famous couple became regulars at the legendary “La Ponche” hotel, which renamed their suite no. 1 “Bardot” and suite no. 15 “Sachs”. The Place de Lices, also made famous by Eddie Barclay, who played French pétanque here or organised his world-famous "Fêtes Blanches" in the Café des Arts. Who would have thought that the world-famous film "The Gendarme of Saint-Tropez" was inspired by a mishap? In the 1960s, director and screenwriter Richard Balducci had his camera stolen from his car. He rushed to the gendarmerie in Saint-Tropez to press charges. He was met by an indifferent gendarme who didn't want to hear any more complaints and finally said: "Well, it's not that important". Stunned by the officer's indifference, Richard Balducci left the gendarmerie with the words: "I'm going to write something about you, because I've never seen anything like this before". Entire books could be filled with exciting stories about the stars, but also about the locals, the visitors and the discreet and unknown lovers of Saint-Tropez who frequent the Sénéquier, the Café de Paris, the Byblos, the Tiggr, the Hôtel de Paris, the Sube, the Gorille and many other establishments in the famous port of Saint-Tropez, the epicentre of the village and its surroundings: The Ponche quarter, Tahiti, La Belle Isnarde and Sainte-Anne with its 360° panoramic view. Not forgetting: Les Salins, La Moutte, Les Canebiers, Le Capon and Les Parcs de Saint-Tropez. Even today, Saint-Tropez has lost none of its fascination, as it continues to attract stars, celebrities, politicians, HNWIs and Ultra-HNWIs. Many have succumbed to the lure of the legendary Côte d'Azur peninsula to invest in private property or in profitable real estate. Saint-Tropez is also a favourite holiday destination for tourists, especially the wealthy, who are looking for an exceptional setting to enjoy a festive or peaceful atmosphere, immersed in luxury and authenticity, a lifestyle that is difficult to find elsewhere. Investing in prestige real estate takes time, and the best way to achieve it is to be accompanied by a professional, ANGELONI Real Estate, who specialises in this sector. Saint-Tropez is always a famous destination. There are many reasons to invest in a property on the Gulf of Saint-Tropez: The region is quite simply paradise. The dynamism of the region is noteworthy. Luxury tourism is flourishing. The market for holiday properties is extremely lucrative. The increase in value is guaranteed. PAMPELONNE “Let me tell of the time, when the world was in rhyme with the sound of our laughter, Montmartre hung with flowers, those far farther than ours, of hunger and of love and aware in our youth...La Bohème”, these wonderful lyrics by Charles Aznavour, himself a loyal admirer of Pampelonne and property owner, where Bohemian life reigned at this time, as in the legendary Voile Rouge, created in 1963 by Paul Tomaselli, where his mother was the kitchen chef and where the legends of show business and life artists were at home. Many of the iconic beaches still exist today, while others have become nostalgic memories. The most famous beaches such as Club 55, Moorea, Cap 21, L'Orangeraie, among many others, as well as the latest institutions that even the under-20s know and are trendy with the brands of Dior, Gucci, Jacquemus, such as Indie Beach, Loulou, Club Shellona or the codes of Loro Piana on the beach of La Réserve. Properties for sale in Pampelonne are becoming increasingly rare, Serge ANGELONI is your ideal partner for finding that precious treasure with a personalised, tailor-made search mandate. RAMATUELLE Famous for more than just its Festival, classic nights and Jazz à Ramatuelle, this authentic, medieval and picturesque little village, in its characteristic snail shape, overlooks the Bay of Pampelonne and its vineyards, including Château Volterra, Château des Marres, Château de Pampelonne, Domaine La Tourraque, Domaine La Rouillère and Domaine de Jeanne, at an altitude of around 130 metres above sea level. One of the town's most famous personalities, Gérard Philipe, was present at the inauguration of the Ramatuelle wine cooperative in April 1957 and loved spending time in Ramatuelle. He found his last resting place in the small Ramatuelle cemetery. Jacqueline Franjou, President of the Ramatuelle Festival, and Michel Boujenah, Festival Director, welcome a host of stars to the Ramatuelle Festival every summer. The scenery is more difficult to describe than to discover: Bonne Terrasse, l'Escalet, Tahiti, Pampelonne, Cap Taillat, la Quessine, Cap Camarat, Baie de Bonporteau, Rocher des Portes... Let yourself be surprised! Rely on the expertise of ANGELONI Real Estate to find you the dream holiday home or the perfect property. GASSIN The medieval village of Gassin is one of the oldest in the south of France and has well-earned its place in the “Most Beautiful Villages in France” category thanks to its exceptional location and panoramic views over vineyards, forests, and the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. Wine estates such as Château Minuty, Domaine Bertaud Belieu, Château Barbeyrolles and Domaine de la Rouillère invite you to sample their wines. Gassin is also renowned for its Polo Resort & Country Club and its golf course. ANGELONI Real Estate is at your disposal to find you village houses, villas with sea views and hidden country houses. LA CROIX-VALMER Situated at the foot of the Massif des Maures, in the bay of Cavalaire, the commune of La Croix-Valmer is surrounded by magnificent landscapes, protected by the Conservatoire du Littoral. The lifestyle is relaxed, authentic and insouciant, with a 70s feel to it as you enjoy the luxury of institutions such as Château de Valmer, La Pinède Plage, Lily of the Valley or Domaine Louise, or just let yourself be gently rocked by the wild beaches such as Gigaro, Sylvabelle or Héraclée, among the dozens of natural beaches. La Croix-Valmer was born in 1934 from the independence of the commune of Gassin, and developed from the large vineyard of Domaine de La Croix. Winegrowing has been at the heart of the region since 1892, with its three wine domains, Domaine de La Croix, Domaine de la Madrague and Château de Chausse. The most interesting properties date from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. They are located close to the village and along the coast, where a few remarkable villas line the seafront and give the commune its special charm: Pausa Belle, Serena, Les Rochers, La Bouillabaisse, Vergeron, Villa Louise, Sylvabelle, Villa Couadan, La Karaya and Château Nenot au Cap des Myrtes: this magnificent property, designed in the early 20th century by the famous architect Henri Nenot, consists of three houses guarding the bay of Héraclée. Overlooking the beach, they retain the spirit of the place, with views of the islands, hills and coastal vegetation: pines, olive trees, bay trees, palm trees, eucalyptus, myrtles... Today, the most sought-after properties are on the breathtaking Gigaro beach, a natural beauty with an unrivalled reputation! It's a place steeped in history, where the Allies landed and where many films have been shot. It marks the entrance to the Cap Lardier estate, maintained and protected by the Port Cros National Park. SAINT-MAXIME Sainte-Maxime is located directly opposite Saint-Tropez. This popular seaside resort with a marina borders the Massif des Maures, with a large wooded area that stretches far beyond the surrounding hills. It is the most populous town in the Gulf and certainly one of the liveliest places in the region. In summer, several beaches in the municipality, such as Sémaphore, La Croisette, the town centre, La Garonnette, La Madrague, La Nartelle and Pointe des Sardinaux, promise relaxation under the Mediterranean sun. An ideal location to invest in family homes, holiday residences, apartments or hotels. GRIMAUD Known worldwide as the “Little Venice of Provence” designed by the architect François Spoerry, Port Grimaud has been awarded the well-deserved honour of “20th Century Cultural Heritage”. The village of Grimaud exudes a medieval atmosphere, captured by its 11th century castle, which is reflected in the architecture of the houses and alleyways. The charming commune of Grimaud is located between the Gulf of Saint-Tropez and Sainte-Maxime. Contact me to find your property in the favourite districts of golf lovers such as La Bartole, Beauvallon or Les Hauts de Grimaud, either a fisherman's house with its own jetty, country houses and stone bastides or exceptional villas overlooking the Mediterranean.


Off Market & Secret Sale

by  ANGELONI Real Estate:

win/win services

to keep you in control

OFF-MARKET and SECRET SALE have become common terms in the world of Real Estate. For various reasons, the intention to buy or sell a property can be associated with the problem of absolute discretion and confidentiality. What are the key differences? A property in “Off-Market” mode is a property that is neither on the market nor published, as no sales mandate exists. A property in “Secret Sale” status is a property that is marketed within the framework of a sales mandate in a minimalist manner (no photo of the property, brief description). You might have been presented several times with an Off-Market property from different agencies… Normally, off-market properties are not advertised… but they are on everyone's lips… How can you effectively set your property apart to maintain its confidentiality during an Off-Market Sale? And also in a Secret Sale? How do you protect the discretion of your exceptional property? ANGELONI Real Estate is at your disposal for a consultation to present your property project confidentially, discreetly and in an exclusive setting. You are unique: so is your property. Are you looking for a property Off-Market or Secret Sale? We will build a trusting and transparent alliance throughout your search process. You are unique: so is your purchase. Are you looking for exclusive properties which are not on the market, or would you like to sell your property discreetly? Welcome, you have come to the right place, in the world of prestige and luxury property. Enter the universe of prestige and luxury Real Estate in all discretion and confidentiality. ANGELONI Real Estate LESS IS MORE...Nothing but Quality! Contact Serge ANGELONI (CEO & Founder) Your exclusive and trusted contact for all Real Estate transactions on the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. Mobile +33(0)6 51 44 64 28 email


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