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For reasons of confidentiality, not all of our properties are published on our website.
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A Secret Sale is a discreet sale that guarantees confidentiality to maintain the excitement of the Hidden property, safeguarding the property from prying eyes and unnecessary property tours and ensuring the privacy of the seller. Potential buyers are carefully selected to determine their buying intentions and creditworthiness. The Secret Sale allows you to test the market price of your property without compromising demand and interest. The “Secret Sale” mandate by ANGELONI Real Estate is a win-win partnership. The information, photos, and details of your property are not published or are only partially published and are primarily presented to our premium clients. Every Secret Sale is different. It is important for us to understand your sales project so that we can provide you with the best possible support for the sale of your property. The Secret Sale of your property is managed exclusively by Serge ANGELONI, the founder of ANGELONI Real Estate - Nothing but Quality®, who is honoured to accompany you personally and confidentially throughout the entire sale process.



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